About Armenia

The history of Armenia and Armenians goes back more than 2500 years. Historically located along the most active trading routes, Armenia today is a country with a purposeful, welcoming and talented people, many historical monuments, a rich culture, traditional hospitality, delicious and healthy food, an alluring nature and safe environment.

Why Invest in Armenia?

Armenia offers great opportunities to foreign investors and its appeal is fourfold: it has a unique geographical location and cultural heritage that provides a strategic access for businesses to markets in Russia/CIS countries, The European Union and the Middle East; it provides one of the most liberal and favorable investment regimes among emerging economies; it has a stable macroeconomic environment and the economy has been steadily expanding for the last 2 decades; Armenia has a skilled and highly educated labor force that contributed to the robust development of high-tech industries and services sectors.

Economic Sectors

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